The importance of experience, skill and luck is a rather philosophical question that can be approached from different perspectives. I won’t force conventional wisdom on this subject, but I will provide you with comprehensive information so you can decide what is more important to you.

I will provide a clear definition of each concept, and explain the differences in the non GamStop casinos’ games. You will also learn which games depend more on experience, which on skill, and which on the mood of Fortune, and where you have the best chance of winning depending on your approach to the game.

Experience Role in Non GamStop Casinos

Gambling experience refers to all the knowledge and skills you have acquired while playing online slots, table games, card games or other games. It’s not just about practical skills – finding a game, placing a bet, starting a round, etc. – but also about your inner feelings, emotions and thoughts.

When you play in a non GamStop casino, your brain is constantly receiving and processing information, even if you are not fully aware of it. You form two sets of data, the first is information that you are aware of and can pass on to another person:

  • Is it not worth betting a large sum of money on low odds;
  • It is better to focus more on equal opportunities – then the chance of success is greater;
  • It is not necessary to invest large amounts with a modest budget.

The second type of information belongs to the unconscious, and remains at the level of reflexes. This information is used unconsciously and forms a so-called gut feeling, an intuition. An experienced player always senses that it is time to raise the stakes, that it is worth changing tables, or that the session should be interrupted altogether.

Rationalists believe that experience is a source of delusion because it is subjective and depends on the individual, his personal successes and failures. But here’s something that no one will deny – every gaming experience allows you to draw conclusions, and gives the player the necessary confidence for the next session. The second time you will not get lost at the gaming table or the online slots, and you will know exactly what to do. Having confidence in what you are doing is essential for a productive and interesting game.

Controlling Gambling at Non GamStop Casinos

Gambling skill is a kind of art, which allows you to creatively use all your knowledge of the game, find a new approach to betting and have a clear idea of what to do in a particular situation. A master is immediately visible at the gaming table in the case of physical establishments. He runs a flawless game and finds the least losing option in every card deal.

Once you’ve played a dozen games of blackjack or poker, you’ll get a rough idea of the game and gain experience that will help you feel more confident and enjoy your next sessions. It takes much more to develop skills:

  • Play tens of thousands of games, offline, online, in RNG and live dealer games;
  • Evaluate different versions of the same game and choose the best one;
  • Learning to unmistakably distinguish 21 from blackjack or flush from straight flush;
  • Clearly assess your chances of making additional bets and the need for them;
  • Learn how to count cards, use betting strategies and combine them depending on the current situation.

When a simple fondness for the game develops into a serious interest, when one begins to understand the rules and strategies in detail, analyzes all the games played and predicts the outcome of the next one, one becomes a master.

What is also worth knowing about skill is that in some gambling games it does produce results. How else do you explain the luxurious lives of poker players who play in tournaments for fabulous amounts of money? A master of his profession always knows how to achieve the best results, with the help of an analytical attitude and reliable data. But if the card doesn’t go, not even a master can do much.

Luck in Non GamStop Casinos

Luck in non GamStop casinos is your own personal positive assessment of the outcome of a game or spin. Since such an outcome is usually unpredictable, you can say that if you win, luck will smile on you. If the map doesn’t go your way today, no amount of skill can fix that. No matter how much experience you have, it still can’t guarantee you winning.

Luck rarely works to its full potential, but it always does, and there’s plenty of evidence to prove it:

  • John Haywood, a simple British soldier, decided to play an online slot machine in 2015. He played just for fun, with a small stake of €0.25, and won a record jackpot of €18 million. In an interview he said that he chose the game without thinking, the Mega Moolah icon was simply the largest on the site. It took 25 minutes from the time he registered to win.
  • The 2000 Detroit Lottery winner, who wished to remain anonymous, did give an interview to the media, revealing that it was the first ticket he had ever bought by chance – he took it for change on a 100 note dollars. He had won $60 million that day, after hearing about it from the news – the ticket seller was interviewed.
  • To date, Kerry Parker is considered the record blackjack winner. In 1997, an Australian businessman simply walked into a casino to have fun. And just won 20 times in a row at blackjack with bets of $250,000 each. History is silent about what he bet and how he did it, but the total profit was 20 million dollars. Since then, such a success has not been repeated, it seems impossible even for the masters not to lose even once in 20 hands.

I have told you only the most notable cases of fortune god’s intervention. In fact, there are many more, but due to the relatively small amounts they are not covered by the media.

What else is worth knowing about luck is that it is capricious and fickle. It is the most dangerous factor in gambling, it is through large fortunes that the largest monetary losses occur. When a person is incredibly lucky, his head starts spinning, he starts betting more and more, and often ends up with nothing. Just believing in luck can destroy someone’s bankroll if today isn’t his day, so you better be careful with this fickle lady. Experience and skill in this matter are much more pragmatic – yes, they do not promise incredible gains, but they also do not allow you to lose to zero in one session.

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